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King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok



KNACKSAT-2 has six (6) missions in total:

●  Camera Mission (CAM) , which will capture images of the Earth from space.
●  Automatic Packet Reporting System-Digipeater (APRS-DP), which is an amateur radio based, real-time, local and digital communication system which can receive packets, process them and retransmit them back on the same frequency.   

●  Store and Forward (S&F IoT) Mission, which collects data from specific distributed sensors all around remote locations on Earth, “stores” them in the CubeSat and “forwards”it to a designated ground station once it passes over it. 

●  Train Tracking , which to monitored the position and speed of Thai trains via satellite.

●  Measure Ultraviolet in-orbit (UV), which is to measure ultraviolet in-orbit via a microcontroller. This mission is a part of outreach program of Thailand Space Consortium. 

●  Parts Mission (PArts), which is to test space parts and components developed in-house.

Collarborative Platform Development

Research & Development Partners

  • Thai Space Consortium (TSC): NARIT (SpaceFight "Students Payload Competition")
  • Advance Wireless Network (AWN): Company Research Under PMUC Grant.
  • Rail System Cluster (RSC): KMUTNB's Research Group on Rail Systems.
  • ASEANSAT Satellite Reseach Group: UiTM, UPHSD, KMUTNB.
  • Pre-Engineering School: KMUTNB's high school students
  • Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST): APRS-DP Mission  

Amateur Radio

KNACKSAT-2 carried an amateur radio frequencies for the APRS-DP Payload. Therefore, we serve the amateur radio community as part of our mission. The informaion of IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination of KNACKSAT can be found here.